Turkish Cardamom Coffee



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The finale of a seven course meal should leave your guests with no regrets. This course of Turkish Cardamom Coffee that was served with dried apricots and Turkish Delight, hopefully did just that. The ingredients are particular for the coffee and if you aren’t close to any form of international market then you can find them online. To make the Turkish coffee you don’t need the traditional pot, the Ibrik, but it is handy (and gorgeous).

The accompaniments of dried apricots and Turkish Delight work so well with the flavors. I enjoy my Turkish coffee the most with dried apricots because it makes the apricots taste like caramel. But you can’t deny that Turkish Delight is also a perfect taste. There are many varieties but my favorite is pistachio. My parents once brought it as a gift from their trip to Istanbul and I was so excited because I had never tried it but had always wanted to after reading “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”. It was the perfect ending to the seven course meal because it provided just the right flavor.

Turkish Cardamom Coffee

Serves 4-6 in demitasse cups 

Use one of the cups you are going to serve in and measure 1 and 1/2 cups of water per serving and pour it into your Ibrik or small sauce pan.

Depending on how many servings, put a heaping spoonful of finely ground coffee per cup into the Ibrik or pan. The coffee can either be ground Turkish coffee that you can find at International markets or online. I have also used medium roasts and have just finely ground them in my coffee grinder. I tried using an espresso blend of coffee but because this method leaves the grounds in the cup, it was too strong.

One tsp of sugar per serving.

Crack open one cardamom pod per serving and put it into the Ibrik or pan.

Mix everything together for a few seconds to make sure it is all combined.


Place your serving cups nearby- this goes by quickly but has a few steps. Once you have all of the ingredients together, place the Ibrik or your pan over a medium flame on the stove. Do not just place it on top of the stove. Hold the Ibrik or pan over the flame and slowly move it in circles over the flame. A beautiful light brown foam will begin to develop on top and you want to take a spoon and take some of it off and place it into your serving cups. I usually catch some cardamom pods and I don’t mind them but not more than one in a cup please. It won’t be like a milk foam but don’t worry about how much of it there is in a cup-you just need a little. Continue to swirl the coffee over the flame and when it boils, fill each cup but only halfway. Boil whats left once more over the flame and then fill the cups the rest of the way. You should have a layer of that foam on top.

As you can see from my picture above, I haven’t perfected my foam. Its a work in process. But I continue to try and enjoy the process of achieving that ideal cup. Traditionally, it is meant to be served with a glass of water. And later, while reflecting on the seven course meal, I realized that I should have done that. Ended the finale with a pure glass of water. To kind of wipe the slate clean and prepare for the next set of memories. Next time, for sure.