Shrimp Toast


Amuse Bouche

“A Mentor’s Meal”

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Like I mentioned on the menu page, this dish is not one to make and save for later. This is a dish meant to fry and serve immediately. In fact, the entire process goes by very quick. And they should be consumed as soon as they won’t burn your mouth because they are at their best then. Once left to be eaten later, they become soggy and sad like. The best scenario is to seat your guests nearby with their plates ready and serve as they are made- to the guest of honor first please. And this is quite a heavy way to start a meal. But the texture is perfect and it complements the other dishes on the menu so I felt that it served its purpose well in this spot. The recipe for this dish was adapted from under Chinese Shrimp Toast. I liked her recipe best because she creates a shrimp mousse that is then used on top of the toast. Its all about the butter sweethearts.

Shrimp Toast

Serves 4-6 as an Amuse Bouche (Appetizer) in a seven course meal

For the Mousse:

1/2 lb Raw Shrimp-peeled and de-veined. I am a wimp and terrible at being a carnivore therefore I bought shrimp that was already prepared this way.

1 Egg

1/4 tsp Sesame Oil

1/2 tsp Salt

3 tbsp Cold Butter-cubed

2 Green Onions-whites and greens chopped

1/3 cup Water Chestnuts-chopped

2 tbsp Ginger-Minced


Put the shrimp, egg, sesame oil and salt in a food processor and pulse until it is smooth with a few pieces of shrimp still visible. Add the cubed butter and pulse a few more times. The butter should be visible but not in big chunks. Take the mixture out of the processor and put into a mixing bowl. Combine the green onions, water chestnuts and ginger with the shrimp mixture. Stir well and refrigerate for an hour.

For the Toast

Potato Bread-crusts cut off and cut into two triangles. I ended up using about 9 pieces of bread. And keep the crusts! So handy when checking to see if your oil is ready to fry in and for munching on because potato bread kind of tastes like pound cake.

1 tbsp Black Sesame Seeds

About 2 cups of Oil in  a frying pan-enough to pan fry the toasts


Grab a bread triangle and take your finger and make an indentation along the insides so you have a small triangle shape pressed within the triangle piece of bread. Press the middle of the bread down too. This is the cavity for the mousse to sit in. Take about a tablespoon of the shrimp mousse and place it into the triangle cavity and then spread it around to the corners of the bread. Sprinkle some black sesame seeds on top. Prepare all of your toasts like this. Don’t jump the gun and start to fry them before you’re finished preparing all of them. Because they cook super fast and you don’t want burnt shrimp toast because you’re distracted. I know because that’s what I did. So my advice is to make all of them first and then prepare your oil. In fact, you could even make these ahead of time and put them in your refrigerator until you’re ready to fry them up and serve them.

Heat the oil in your pan on high and then once its hot reduce the heat to medium, medium low. Be very careful with hot oil. I like to use the back burners to fry stuff and be mindful of sputtering oil-It’s one of my fears (but one you must conquer)! I then place a small cube of the crusts that I had cut off and see how well it fries up. If it doesn’t bubble nicely around it then I turn the heat up a bit. If it burns in half a second then you know your heat is too high and so you turn it down. When it crisps nicely, you’re ready to fry your toasts. You place the toasts shrimp side down and you can do 4-5 at once depending on the size of your pan. I then took a pair of tongs and flipped them over after about 30 seconds. Fry the other side for the same amount of time (30 seconds) and then take them out and place them on a paper towel. It’s probably best to have that paper towel on a cooling rack so that you give the oil a chance to drop through and not collect.

Serve hot and soon! The sauce I served this with was just a couple tablespoons of reduced sodium soy sauce and about half a tablespoon of sriracha sauce. You can go fancier and make a sauce with ginger and scallions in soy sauce but the toast was arduous enough for me. And this is just the first course in a seven course meal.