Candied Ginger with Rose Tulsi Tea



“A Vegan Feast”

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This tea is from Organic India and I know its available at Whole Foods. But its also available online. I used to sell it when I had my traveling store and I loved it so much. The aroma of Roses is so heady. It just lulls you into a feeling of calm and luxury. To accompany it I used candied ginger. You can do the shapes of the ginger pieces however you like. Some people like chunks. Some people like little slices. Its however you like. Maybe in a later menu I will use slices and then dip them in dark chocolate and sprinkle them with pistachios. That would be a nice treat! As for now, the basic candy recipe.

Candied Ginger

Makes Two Cups of Candied Ginger

1 Lb of Ginger

2 Cups of Sugar


Peel the ginger and then chop it into chunks or slices. Cover the ginger in water in a pot and boil for about 30 minutes. Drain all the water out and save about a cup. Put the ginger, the reserved water and 1 cup of the sugar back into the pan and simmer for another half an hour. Remove the ginger and allow to dry on a rack for 2 hours or so. Then put the remaining sugar in a bowl and coat the ginger pieces in sugar and put them back on the rack. Let them sit overnight or for at least a few hours.