Anise Hyssop & Lemongrass Ice


Palate Cleanser

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A couple summers ago, I had planted Anise Hyssop from seed and they were so teeny tiny I didn’t think anything would come of them. Then this giant bush grew with these gorgeous purple cone like flowers that the bees and butterflies couldn’t get enough of. That summer we had anise hyssop ice cream, cookies and tea. I loved the licorice flavor of the flowers and the leaves. It was used as a medicine in Native American cultures for respiratory issues and so I have dried mass quantities and drank it throughout our winters. Since then I have learned to incorporate it into jams and now this Ice. It’s a very floral and licorice type flavor that really represents summer and the lemongrass just added a nice citrus note to it. This is so simple to make but it added so much to the meal. I really hope you make this in summers to come.

Serves 4-6 in a seven course meal


10 Flower Stalks Of Anise Hyssop

10 Stalks Of Lemongrass

4 Cups Of Water

1 Cup Of Sugar

1 Cup Of Ice


Rinse the flowers and lemongrass in cold water. Boil the water and sugar in a heavy bottomed pot. Add the flowers and lemongrass and take off the heat. Steep for one hour. Strain into a jar and chill in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours. Blend with one cup of ice in your blender. Freeze overnight.