Dandelion Greens & Brown Butter Rice



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I’ve used dandelion greens before in stir fried dishes and enjoyed their bitter flavor. And after buying them for near four dollars it always made me wonder why I just couldn’t pick the ones in my non-treated yard and eat them for free. I haven’t jumped on the foraging bandwagon yet so I still struggle with just running into nature and munching on whatever is there. I still have to have some form of civilized growing environment (raised beds because I like to control my soil) in order for me to be able to utilize plants in my cooking. Maybe one day you’ll see me walk into a prairie field and just start munching on wild bergamot ( which I do love by the way and grow in our garden) but I’m not there quite yet. Back to the dandelion greens, they are such an awesome source of nutrition and so easy to grow because they grow wild in this environment. An incredible source of food with minimal effort. I thought they would pair so well with a risotto type dish but was too chicken to try my hand at it without a recipe so I made this rice dish instead with chickpeas, lots of thyme, nutty brown rice, butter and of course, the dandelions greens. I loved it and polished several bowls.


1 Stick Of Butter

1 Bouquet Of Thyme

1 Cup Of Brown Rice

1/2 Cup Of Chickpeas

1 Large Bunch Of Dandelion Greens Roughly Chopped

2 Tsp Salt

2 Cups of Water


In a cast iron pan, or a heavy bottomed sauté pan, melt the butter with the bouquet of thyme on low heat. Using a spoon keep pouring the melted butter over the thyme so to infuse the butter with it’s flavor. Do this for about four to five minutes. Don’t burn the butter so keep the heat low. You want the butter to be slightly brown. Next add the rice, chickpeas and dandelion greens. Mix it around so that the rice warms up and is nicely covered in the butter. Add the salt and water and increase the heat so it comes to a boil. Once it boils reduce the heat to let it simmer and cover. Depending on the rice you’re using you’ll let it simmer anywhere from twenty minutes to thirty five minutes (check the timing on the rice package and they’ll usually have an accurate cooking time according to the variety of rice). When all the water has been absorbed then remove from heat and keep it covered for about ten minutes. Then uncover and remove the thyme bouquet.