The Story Behind This Blog

To My Boys,

This blog is for you. I will be documenting these Seven Course Meals so that you have a record of some of our most precious memories as you grow into wonderful cooks yourselves one day. 

I chose to do seven course meals because I believe in the philosophy of pausing. To stop in this world of constant movement and chaos. To appreciate every detail put into the food, the company, and the moment itself.

But I have a few rules to my game, if you will. As your Mama, my wish is that you continue these rituals with my rules in mind. These rules were developed for reasons that I will disclose over time, through the menus, through the settings, through the dishes and through the stories.

Some of my most important rules are:

Waste nothing. No one in this lifetime owes you a meal. It is a blessing every time. Every morsel of meat, vegetable,bread, etc. They are all blessings. Therefore, cook small portions but of the most amazing food.

Know your food. Learn your ingredients and appreciate the efforts of the brilliant minds that came before you to determine how these ingredients work together.

Grow what you can. Do not fail your palate by never realizing how a fresh ingredient differs from a stale one. Whether you have five feet of space or fifty, appreciate the synergy of your efforts and those of other natural forces that come together to give you something that will only grace your life for a short time but whose memory should linger.

Your Guests Should Feel Like Family That You Actually Like.  You are responsible for their happiness in your home. Own that responsibility. No one should ever leave your meal angry or hungry (or sick).

Serve With Humility. To have food is a privilege. To serve food is a blessing. Make such good food that you have righted at least one wrong in that person’s life.

Trust that you know good food. Because your mother worked with love from the moment you were realized to make sure that you understood the value of being able to be fed well.

What will follow now will be a series of menus with pictures and recipes of the dishes that are used per meal. Each meal is painstakingly thought out according to memories of food, people and places from our lives. I’ll briefly explain why they have significant meaning to us. And each meal is used to allow those memories to be resurfaced and reborn into new precious moments of happiness between kindred souls. 

I hope you’ll enjoy reading through this because it is all for you. This is our family’s history served with immense gratitude and love.

Big hugs and kisses,

Your Mama